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What is a hybrid vehicle? You may have heard that a hybrid has great fuel economy,  environmentally friendly thanks to an electric motor. This is correct, but do you know how the hybrid system works? 


Your friends at Luther Brookdale Toyota Scion explain how the new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid for sale in Brooklyn Center, MN, works. So, when you get in the RAV4 Hybrid, you know what you’re driving. 

How does the a hybrid work? 
The technology that makes the RAV4 Hybrid tick is Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive. It combines a gas or petrol engine with an electric motor to create a more efficient vehicle, quiet ride and less emission production. It seamlessly and automatically switches between electric power and conventional engine power to adapt to different driving conditions and to create greatest efficiency and performance. 

How does it help the environment? 
A hybrid achieves efficiency and puts out less emissions due to its ability to turn off the gas/petrol engine off when it’s idling; it then restarts when it starts to accelerate. 

When you first start the engine, the RAV4 relies specifically on the electric motor, which is powered by the battery, while the gas/petrol engine remains off. How does this affect the ride? An electric motor can deliver a more responsive and smooth start than the gas/petrol engine. 

How is the electric motor better than just gas? 
When running the hybrid in a lower-speed range, the electric motor beats a gas engine every time. The hybrid technology makes driving more energy efficient because it uses the electric energy stored in its battery to run the car on the electric motor in low-speed range. The gas/petrol engine cannot deliver the same energy efficiency in low-speed range. 

How do you charge the battery? 
When the engine is running, the battery is charging via the generator. The battery is kept well charged by the system, so a hybrid Toyota doesn’t need to be plugged into a main supply to be recharged. 

What are the RAV4 Hybrid’s trims? 
The 2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid comes only as XLE and Limited; both trims are fitted with all-wheel-drive. 

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