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Road salt is vital to keep your tires on the road during a Minnesota winter. However, you don’t want that salt to stay on your car for long. It may seem impossible to get salt out of every nook and cranny of your car, but it’s not with a little planning. 

How can salt hurt your vehicle? It can cause major damage to the undercarriage and create rust spots on the exterior. It can even cause the hydraulic brake system to leak and cause damage to the muffler system and coil springs. 

Those wavy white lines on your car’s exterior are cringe-worthy to say the least. That’s why the team at Luther Brookdale Toyota Scion, your certified used Toyota dealer in Brooklyn Park, MN has compiled a list of five easy steps to a clean car. 

Try these five simple steps to remove salt: 

Step #1: Think Ahead
Before the first snowfall, give your car a detailed wash and apply a thick coat of wax and wax sealant. Since the undercarriage collects the most salt, seal the undercarriage with a safe product from the auto parts store. 

Step #2: Clean Often
During the winter, drive your car through a carwash or hand wash it about every 10 days. Pay close attention to the undercarriage, and dry all edges and locks entirely. Apply a new coat of wax. 

Step #3: Mind the Interior  
Don’t stop at just washing the exterior. That carpet needs a good scrubbing, too. Your shoes will collect salt and create a nasty mess on your carpet, which is no fun at all. The first thing you should do to protect your floor is buy a good set of all-weather floor mats to catch the salt. 

To soak up the salt from your carpet, apply a solution of half warm water and half white vinegar to the carpet. Scrub is gently, and then soak it up with a clean towel. 

When your car needs special treatment or repair during the harsh winter months, turn to our experts at Luther Brookdale Toyota Scion, your trusted Toyota dealer in Brooklyn Park, MN. 

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